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Garden Waste Collection

Green waste recycling

Diamond Waste. Garden Waste Collection- 100% Recycled 0% To Landfill

Getting rid of Garden Waste

Tidying up, making additions to or fixing up a garden can leave a lot of debris behind. Trimming of grass, trees and hedges can lead to a big pile of garden waste such as grass, leaves and tree branches.

If your home or office has recently undergone renovation, chances are that you have a build-up of rubble and a pile of old fixtures and fittings that have been removed but are still on your property.
Local councils across London, Surrey and Kent won’t collect your garden waste like they do with your other rubbish and recycling unless you pay for it. Some even impose subscription fees meaning you would have to pay for multiple collections which is no good to you if you only need it done every now and then. They are also unlikely to take rubble away.

That’s where we come in.

We can clear up your garden waste along with any renovation waste with both same day and next day collections available for booking.

Our clearance trucks can take more than twice the volume of waste than a standard 6 yard skip making us a much more economical option. With a skip, you will have to hire it for a certain amount of time and it may need to be emptied more than once before you are finished disposing of all the waste.

The volume of waste we carry also means less trips for our trucks to make to clear out each property, reducing our carbon footprint.

You can use our booking form for a free, no obligation quote to pay for us to remove garden waste from your home or office only when you need us to.

Did you know that you can now just simply photograph your rubbish with your phone and text it to us on 0800 138 9100

We will collect almost anything from gardens in London. See our London services. There is very little we can’t take away and everything we do take away will be recycled.

Recycling Garden Waste

Green waste recycling is an important factor in protecting the Earth so we do not just remove it from your property, we make sure to recycle it to prevent it ending up in a landfill.

One of the benefits of recycling garden waste is that the waste can be used for composting where the waste decomposes into organic materials to be used for agricultural purposes to improve the health of the soil.

Green waste can also be recycled to create biofuel, creating an alternative to regular non-renewable sources of fuel.

If garden waste decomposes in a landfill, the result is a production of greenhouse gases and methane which pollutes the atmosphere and contributes towards global warming.

By using us for garden waste removal, you are safe in the knowledge that your garden waste will be put to good use rather than just being discarded.


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About Diamond Waste

Diamond Waste Services pride ourselves on offering a friendly and efficient service, all of our staff are trained waste removal experts and can assist you with any request, we remove all types of junk from commercial to domestic including, office clearances, charity house clearances and building rubble and general waste, large furniture items, garden debris, loft  or attic junk and we also removal all of types of rubbish.

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One text, instant price

Did you know that you can now just simply photograph your rubbish with your phone and text it to us on 0800 138 9100See clearance bookings.

We can collect almost anything from homes and offices in London. As long as it is rubbish we can collect it!

  • Rubbish Bags
  • Cardboard
  • Food Waste
  • Waste Oils
  • Glass Objects
  • Carpets AND Waste Flooring
  • Building Materials
  • Garden Materials

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We try and recycle as much as we can: Common goods we recycle in and around the London area include:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Cooking Oils Oil/Gas Products
  • Electrical Items
  • Glass